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Forum Rules

Post by chris » Wed May 20, 2009 9:38 am


You are responsible for reading and understanding the Forum Rules! If there is a rule that you do not understand, please feel free to contact one of the moderators. They'll be more than happy to assist you. Moderators name's appear green in the user list. The Administrator and Moderators will sometimes make changes and updates to these rules, so please check them frequently.

1. Swearing/Adult Language
Swearing/adult language is fine, within reason. Do keep in mind this is a public forum and that we have members of all ages and backgrounds. Any language deemed by a moderator as excessive may be edited or removed, and the user may be warned or removed. Discussions and debates are allowed, but they must be carried out in a civilized manner. Warnings on threads that get too heated will be given instead of the thread automatically being locked. Please treat other members with respect and decency. Topics that were locked may not be started again.

**Please note: Sensitive subjects such as religion, racism/bigotry, politics, abortion and animal rights will be closely monitored, and should be kept in the appropriate areas of the forum.

**Threats of physical violence will be taken seriously and reported to the necessary authorities.

2. No Multiple IDs
No Multiple IDs: Multiple IDs make the board harder to moderate. We want to promote a sense of closeness within the boards and keeping track of multiple IDs makes this harder. It's also for security purposes and will make it easier for us to crack down on scammers. Multiple ID's will be automatically banned.

3. Mandatory Post of Introduction
We ask that all new members first make an introduction post. Please tell us a little about yourself. Members feel more at ease if they know that you are serious about posting on this site. This also lets our moderators know that you are taking our forum rules seriously and have read them. It is not uncommon to receive a private message from a moderator asking you to make an introduction post. We're a very friendly site and are eager to welcome you.

4. No supplying inappropriate links to minors
Anyone found private messaging links to inappropriate websites, forum sites, etc. (foul language, flaming, inappropriate content/pictures, etc.) to members under 18, will be suspended or banned, without warning. It is your responsibility to know the age of the person you are supplying these links to. This stance also includes signatures or avatars that have subject matter others find offensive.

5. No flooding the boards (spam)
This includes posting to change your posting status and posting continuously on one thread while you could have just edited your original post to condense them (for example: You do this- Post #1- Hi!, then immediately following that one, you do this- Post #2- Can someone help me?). Also no bumping of threads that have not been replied to for 3 months or more.

6. Keeping on topic
Posts should be kept in their appropriate forums and should be related to the topic at hand. Any posts that do not follow this rule may be moved or deleted by the moderators.

7. "Type-speak" is not allowed
This community also includes members who's first language may not be English. They may be using translators and we don't want to isolate anyone. **If you don't know what "type-speak" is, here is an example: "4 Sale- 3 sUB1im3 Tap3S 4 1 d0llar!"** Please do not "shout" at fellow members and what this means is refrain from using all capitals.

8. Please welcome new members
Please be nice to newer members. If they post something in the wrong forum, please inform one of the moderators instead of telling them yourself as this can easily be taken the wrong way. They may think that you're jumping on them rather than trying to help and we want to keep the peace as much as possible. Remember it's a bit overwhelming when first posting and it takes time to get the hang of things. Oldie vs. Newbie will not be tolerated.

9. Please do not moderate other Members
If you see anything inappropriate or something posted incorrectly, please PM a Mod or Admin for help. Do not try to sort the issue yourself. This only embarrasses the member.
If we do find you telling people off, or you are being condescending, please expect a warning PM. It's not fair on other members or the staff if you take this attitude.

10. Signature Rules and Avatars
As long as they are kept at a reasonable size (no larger than 500x200), feel free to express your creativity. If this is abused (for example, your sig takes up an unreasonable amount of space and takes a long time to load), your signature will be removed and replaced with a sig that redirects you to these rules:
***All signatures must fit within an area 500 pixels LONG and 200 pixels HIGH.
***Total signature "weight" must be less than 60k.
***Sigs with no graphics may have up to five lines of text.
***Sigs with graphics can have up to two lines of text.
***Tickers count as two lines of text.
Signatures should also refrain from promoting any upsetting or inflammatory topics. You will have your signature removed and be sent a PM if we feel your signature does this.

11. No nudity
No R-Rated and above pictures: It is your responsibility to follow this rule. Anyone affiliated with this site will not be held responsible. By posting here, you agree to these terms. No vagina slits, no penis, no butt crack and no nipples may be shown in picture, drawing or otherwise outside the designated forum. If we receive any complaints the Mod team will review each case and decide if it is appropriate.

12. Mature Content
This site is not for the young or immature people. Please be aware that adult issues are discussed from time to time and light swearing is used occasionally. This site is for the older members, typically at least 14 years and up. Not all 14 year olds are ready for the topics that are discussed here. We have some forums that go beyond the PG-13 rating.

13. Chatroom Rules
The same posting rules are in effect in the chatroom and Shout Block at all times! Before using the Chatroom , make sure you have at one time or another made an introduction post in the Introduction forum. The chatroom must be kept to lighter topics, to the point and fun in nature. Please do not monopolize the chatroom. If you are having a lengthy conversation with one person, take it to private messaging please.

14. Private Messaging
You can send your friends private messages using this feature. No spamming the private message feature. You should be using this function for talking to friends, trades, sales, and the similiar. If you feel that someone is harassing you via pm, it is your duty to please report them to a moderator. *Please keep in mind that when you send a Moderator a private message that it may be shared in our confidential Moderator forum. We work as a team here. If you don't want your pm shared, then you may ask in advance.*

15. Suspension of your account
If you're account gets suspended, it could be one of three things. It could be a mistake. If you feel that we have made an error (it happens!), please contact us. It could be that we suspect of you intentionally creating an account to harm this site and/or it's members. Lastly, it could be because you have repeatedly broken forum rules. Please remember that we do not have the time or energy to babysit.
If you are suspended you will receive an email automatically with a short explanation as to why you have been banned.

16. Moderators Code of Conduct
All moderators will treat members with respect and courtesy at all times. We strive to keep this site running smoothly providing a fun atmosphere for all. Please keep in mind however that all our Moderators are volunteers and human too!
If you feel you are being treated unfairly, please send a private message to "site administrator". We try very hard to keep out phony members (trolls) and hackers. If you suspect a troll or that the site is being hacked, please report it ASAP.

17. Moderator's Notes
On occasion a Moderator may edit or delete your comments that were posted. These Moderator edits may never be removed. If you have questions, please send a private message to that Moderator and s/he will explain it further with you.

18. Changing the forum rules
On occasion a Moderator or Administrator may change or update these forum rules. An copy of each update to the forum rules will be saved for the Administrators and Moderators use and archives.

19. Pirated Software & Music
It's is the responsibility of the site owner to refrain from allowing illegal activities on the site. The moderator team will remove, edit and/or ban all parties involved in the sharing of illegal content. You may talk about your pirating, at your own risk, in small doses, but you may not offer, or help others obtain illegal software and downloads on the public forums. Members that break this rule repeatedly will be banned from the forum.

20. Drug Use and Sales
No one cares that you smoke weed every day. However, illegal activities may not be the best thing to discuss on the internet, in an open forum. Discussing these topics is at your own sole discretion. This site is indexed by google and your location and IP are traceable. Please keep that in mind when discussing illegal activities. Your information may be legally obtained from the site administration by law enforcement. There is nothing the site administrator can do, once that information has been requested. Keep yourself safe, and share your dope smoking with your real life friends.

21. Buying Selling & Trading
If you choose to participate in the barter section of the forum. Please be safe in doing so. Inspect all merchandise for authenticity. Please do not sell illegal wares. The site administrator and moderators are not responsible for your transactions. You choose to participate at your own discretion. You must be 18+ to buy, sell, or trade merchandise.
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