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janie always said i was a mess
i'm sorry bout that mess
i made her bleed

i'm planting my seed

still i knew she could take it if i opened up the rhythm i knew it could make it
but i hope her parents love her, so.

feelin the acid on the brain
if i got that frame
i made her bleed
yeah she wants that lovin you see
well if you live, you wanna give or get old
and if you never knew that we get old
you live it up you live it up you get old

believe me people when i say
there be people asking satan everyday
but if you got to know my place
and if you don't it smacks you in your face
but i know her parents love her
and i hope her parents love her
i hope her parents love her so

billyed back in 1983
what did you do for me
i made her bleed
well im lovin im planting my seed
babe i knew we could make it but
i only knew that the bitch would break it yea

i hope her parents love her so
my god look at me
if he had to go
i know im barely lovin my holy creed
you never knew this was what you need
oh my god possibly
believe it or not its a disease
i i hope her parents love her
oh i hope her parents love her


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